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    When fitting, there are three distict shapes to describe profile: Shallow, Average and Full.
The profile type is not dependent on cup capacity. For example, a D cup woman can actually have a shallow profile and an A cup woman can fave a full profile.

Your certified fitter can help you determine the profile that is best suited to you.

Shallow: The breast tissue drapes in the lower cup of the bra and is often seen on the mature woman with the soft breast tissue. The shallow profile woman requires a bra with a large bottom cup and small upper cup.

Average: There is an equal amount of breast tissue on the top and bottom of the breast, with a more round appearance in the upper cup area. The average profule woman usually has firm breast tissue and a round profile.

Full: Has the most round appearance. The full profule woman requires a bra that provides not only bottom cup support but also support and coverage for the upper part of the breast. The full profile can also be braod without much projection, needing a bra that provides containment such as M-frame styles that separate and support beautifully.

Your Certified Fitter can help determine the bra that is best suited for your style.