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Here is a collection of Postmastectory Breast Forms that combine elegance with practicality. For balance, appearance and confidence, a weighted silicone form is the choice for everyday use.

Attachable Breast Forms
The breast form that truly attaches safely to the body and does require a bra to stay in place.

Teardrop Breast Form
This shape is designed to fit comfortably on either the left or right side.

Leisure Breast Form
A lightweight latex form, ideal for leisure wear, first post-surgery use or inserted in a swimsuit.
***Most forms available in two shades: Ivory and towny.
Delicate Postmastectomy Fashion Bras are designed with pockets in both cups to completely conceal breast form. Underarm contours are slightly higher with soft elastic for greater comfort. Many of our suits feature a slimming "powernet" body girdle lining and most have the molded bra cups with pickets to accommodate the breast form or choose from a large array of swim form. Loose-fitting cotton jackets and skirts make these suits as fashionable on deck as in the pool.

Fitting Tips:
Most women prefer to come with a close friend or relative--for an extra opinion and support! Wear clothing that is fitted. You may wish to bring an extra top.